Vulnerability Assessment
and Penetration Testing

We perform vulnerability assessment and Pen testing (Black Box, Gray Box, or White Box) to find major vulnerabilities in your networks, hardware, databases, systems, and more, before hackers take advantage of them. With this information we can offer a roadmap to improve the cybersecurity of your organization.

What is a
Vulnerability Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying vulnerabilities and risks in applications, networks, hardware, databases, and systems. And then prioritizing these risks by their urgency and mitigate their potential impact.


What is a
Penetration Test?


The purpose of a Pen Test is to find cybersecurity vulnerabilities by doing planned attacks or ethical-hacks to an organization’s systems and infrastructure before hackers exploit them.

There are 3 types of Pen-Testing

Icon Black Box

Black Box

The ethical hacker has no information about the systems that the organization wants to evaluate, they just have to try to attack every system the same way a hacker would do it.

The ethical hacker has partial information about the systems and infrastructure that needs to be tested.

Icon Gray Box

Gray Box

Icon White Box

White Box

The ethical hacker has access to several sources of the organization’s information, documentation, etc. so they can focus on specific issues or concerns.